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My name is Stuart Davidson, I'm an BSc Computer Science Undergraduate at the University of Portsmouth. This is my portfolio website that details some of the work and projects that I have undertaken over the past few years.

I've had a passion for computers and creating things during my early teenage years, I first started to make small lego stop animation movies making use of the primative Windows Movie Maker before slowly progressing onto more advanced programs like Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, which I still use to this day. This along with other experiences such as learning how to use the Microsoft Office suite within our I.C.T lessons and learning the basics to during my Computing A Level, has completely consolidated my love for the subject and all things techie.

My participation has grown to span multiple genres of computing including gaming where I have been a large part of multiple gaming communities such as Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer ( where I was the Community Manager and a BETA Tester for the modification, it was my job to assist in the finding and experimenting with the new updates before public releases, to the soon to be released Mafia 2 Online ( where I was the Community Manager. Over both of these modifications and more, I've grown to be able to see the software in a different light and I am able to find issues and diagnose issues both in my own and others software.

During 2015, I was enrolled in the University of Portsmouth where I started studying BSc Computer Science, the 4 year course has so far covered Python during the Introduction to Programming Unit where I learnt the steps behind the procedural language. After many hours of reading around the subject of Python I was able to take my newly found knowledge further to create my TruckLive program, which you can see below. Although I had knowledge of using procedural languages the course has so far had a positive impact as it has consolidated my understanding of the Programming World. We also began development with Java and Object Oriented Programming, I learnt; Classes including the use of constructors and methods, the use of different libraries, jUnit testing and the methods to trial my code to ensure there are no bugs, inheritance and many other subjects.

Project Portfolio


TruckNet is a Virtual Trucking Company control panel that allows users to manage and control different aspects of their Virtual Trucking Company.


Twitcher is a single page website that allows streamers to display information about their accounts such as current viewers and games.


getURL is a Google Chrome Extension that extracts the query parameters of the clicked link and displays them in a popup table.


Dasher is a configurable dashboard built in CSS, HTML & Javascript to display appropriate information as required, it is fully customisable with different modules that can be selected as you wish to use them.


TruckerTracker is a project built to make finding and tracking user accounts from TruckersMP, the multiplayer modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.


This is a tool I wrote in to send a message out to all my current friends on Skype, it allows you to select the people you sent it to by away status.


RiderRoulette is a simple website built to display a location within 35 miles of the users estimated location.


SteamKeys is my attempt at creating a Game Key Store that uses real money in exchange for Steam Game Keys. Users sign in using Steam, and then have two options, to either sell a key or to purchase a key.


If you wish to contact me, you can reach me by any of the channels below;


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